What the foundation is achieving

The foundation continues to work on acquiring various machines to aide in early detection of various kinds of cancer, such as mammography, MRI and ultrasound machines.

At the October 2008 workshop in Buea, Cameroon, the foundation paid for 18 women to have mammograms.

So far since, the foundation continues to supply breast forms (prosthesis) to women yearly on a need basis.
The foundation has taught many women and men the BSE and TSE techniques and provided them with doctor information for follow up. The foundation has supplied mobility equipment on a limited basis as part of our palliative care initiative. Good nutritional values and overall wellness initiatives are being stressed and recipes provided.

In our first four years:
[list class=”bullet-check”][li] More than 3000 men and women have attended our advocacy meetings and thousands more have been touched by our radio, print and TV campaigns[/li] [/list]
[list class=”bullet-check”][li] More than 3000 men and women have been taught the BSE and TSE techniques [/li] [/list]
[list class=”bullet-check”][li] 600 men and women have received clinical breast and testicular exams [/li] [/list]
[list class=”bullet-check”][li] 125 women have received mammograms [/li] [/list]
[list class=”bullet-check”][li] 15 women have received artificial breast forms and bras [/li] [/list]
[list class=”bullet-check”][li] 30 wigs have been distributed [/li] [/list]
[list class=”bullet-check”][li] 1000 men and women have received hypertension and diabetes screening and counseling [/li] [/list]
[list class=”bullet-check”][li] Transportation to and from doctor visits, and home care assistance is being provided to cancer patients [/li] [/list]

We are dedicated to being the brand of care that makes a difference.