Whole Person Care!

The Patcha Foundation’s palliative care program provides compassionate care and improves the quality of life of the patient and family. The focus is on relieving the symptoms of patients who are chronically ill with Cancer, HIV/AIDS and other debilitating conditions, and provide training and support to the caregivers.

This program is currently available only to patients in Cameroon, Africa through collaboration with Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services. Through this program, we supply at no cost to patients:

Equipment for Patients

The foundation has been providing medical equipment, supplies and medications on a limited basis but the need is too great. We are soliciting now to mobilize beds, wheelchairs, canes, walkers, blankets, screening and testing equipment for Cancer and AIDS patients often neglected in the African health services.

Innovative Projects for Pediatric Services

Cancer and HIV/AIDS does not spare our children. The foundation provides children’s items that can reduce pain and suffering from cancer or HIV/AIDS, including mobility equipment and toys.

Medicines are Essential

The foundation advocates on behalf of patients chronically ill with cancer or AIDS and seeks to connect them with medications and other services to manage pain and other debilitating effects of their disease.

Capital Improvement

It is particularly heartbreaking that in resource-challenged settings the most critically ill patients (cancer/AIDS) are often abandoned in hospital wards lacking the most basic comfort or clinical equipment. The foundation strives to undertake “face-lifting” projects to improve the patient experience.

Developing Small Palliative Care Projects

The foundation organizes programs for hospitals or clinics to promote quality of care to Cancer or HIV/AIDS cases. We are constantly seeking donations for palliative care. We ask that you consider and accept the challenge to partner with us.

Your donation is tax deductible. If required the Patcha Foundation will cover the shipping costs and agree to abide by all terms and conditions set forth in re-purposing any donated property/equipment. In addition, the Foundation will assume full responsibility and liability for any donated property/equipment.