What We Do

We collect and disseminate health related data, particularly with cancer, malaria and AIDS.


We educate the public mainly through social media, radio and television programs, organized community workshops and events, and informational handouts.

Support & Follow-up

We provide free healthcare services through medical missions. We provide assistance to assimilate into regular life. We provide assistance to understanding the importance of good nutrition and keeping fit. We provide assistance with doctor follow-up. We offer training to healthcare professionals in diagnosis, treatment and support.

We are working tirelessly to grow our network of information and support services, and we need you.

We work for a better, healthier world

What is CASEC?

The Patcha Foundation’s CASEC program is an innovative community health program that provides resources for Cancer Awareness, Screening/prevention, Early detection and Care to the residents of Cameroon, Africa and to the immigrant communities in the United States.

In Cameroon, the CASEC program brings qualified manpower, reliable essential medications, and appropriate technology to bear on the treatment of cancer cases. In USA, the program is increasing access by immigrant populations to cancer screening, early detection and healthcare services by implementing a community health model that institutionalizes cancer education into community associations.

What drives the success of CASEC? The CASEC program works primarily with community networks and in partnership with other cancer non-profit groups and county health centers to fight cancer. We execute CASEC by organizing community outreach services targeting hard-to-reach groups, thereby increasing access to resources. The Patcha Foundation is poised to break cultural and economic barriers to work each year with thousands of people in the USA and Cameroon, organized into community associations.


Cancer is becoming an epidemic that is claiming more and more lives daily. What is even more frightening is the number of people who die from a lack of awareness, inadequate screenings and insufficient funding for treatment.


The Foundation educates mainly through workshops, supporting people with limited access to cancer information, screening, early detection and care, and also educates the public to change attitudes and dispel myths about various health issues. We also train health care providers in, and advocate for comfort throughout a patient’s cancer journey including providing access to hospice and end of life care.


We provide resources for, and access to screening for the under served and low income people who cannot afford it. We achieve this through partnerships with community networks and in collaboration with hospitals, other non-profit groups and community health centers. We also provide access to preventive and diagnostic screenings.

Early Detection

Early detection is key to fighting a lot of health issues. This is especially vital in the survival of a cancer patient. The Foundation promotes early detection through self examination and regular screening as a key element in cancer survival.


The Foundation provides follow-up care plans including nutrition and assimilation into regular life. We provide wigs and breast forms for women battling cancer. We provide resources for treatment, pain management and hospice and palliative care, including for children. We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the physical and emotional challenges of the chronic disease process.

We are constantly seeking donations for the CASEC Program. We ask that you consider and accept the challenge to partner with us.

Thank you.