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Conference Date & Time:
July 11, 2020 | 3:00PM

Conference Location:
Afrique Today Live
Organized by The Patcha Foundation Junior Associates

Cancer Risk Among African Americans
Researchers are studying why African American men and women are more likely to be diagnosed with or die from certain cancers more than others.
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July 11, 2020 | 3:00 PM (USA Eastern Time) | Afrique Today Live

A virtual discussion panel with professional experts to give you insights on how you can best navigate through this pandemic and enter recovery mode. Organized by The Michael & Mauritia Patcha Foundation.

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Moderator & Speakers

Dr. Samuel Dongmo, PHD, ABMG
Dr. Samuel Dongmo, PHD, ABMG | Moderator

  • Biomedical and Clinical Research Expert
  • Director of Personalized Medicine and Cancer Diagnostics - LabCorpUSA (COVID-19 tests)
  • Founder & CEO - SMART Cameroon SARL, Africa Genomix Lab
  • President - High Council of Cameroonians in the Diaspora
  • Former Chair and current Trustee - Patcha Foundation

Dr. Dongmo has a unique combination of internationally recognized expertise in medical and biomedical fields, scientific research and digital technologies, and human development. His main focus is to provide cutting edge solutions to streamline the health care delivery in Africa at low cost. He is the author of several world class scientific publications and he is the direct contributors to of several scientific patents in the area of Nano-technology and genomics medicine. Dr. Dongmo is a is an intellectually versatile person and a well-known Biomedical and life sciences expert who have provided world class solutions and worked for leading Healthcare, Research, Pharmaceutical, Hospital and Government facilities to improve the quality of care for the past 20 years.

Dr. Dongmo’s vision is to accelerate the transformation of Cameroon by taking advantage of the digital revolution by appropriately using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a vector of a sustainable and community driven development. He also believes that technology and knowledge transfers are essential to Africa renaissance.
He possesses hands-on expertise and knowledge of clinical genomics for personalized cancer and rare disease diagnostics and therapy, bioinformatics, next generation sequencing, preclinical and clinical trials, FDA regulations, large country-wide clinical database and healthcare information system, Telemedecine, Teleeducation, Public Health and Epidemiology analytics, Electronic Medical Record. Dr. Dongmo’s contribution to the progress of science is enormous. Early in his career, as one of the pioneers of nanotechnology he has been instrumental to the advanced of nanomedicine and he invented a procedure called Blind Restoration to simulate the rendering of digital images generated by Nanomicroscopes.

Dr. Esther Dina Belle Mbassi, MD
Dr Esther Dina Bell Mbassi

  • Medical Oncologist
  • Palliative Care Expert
  • Founder of Volunteers for Palliative Care Cameroon (VOPACA)
  • lecturer at University of Douala

Dr Esther Dina Bell Mbassi is a Cameroonian doctor and teacher of medical oncology and palliative care at the University of Douala. .
Graduated in Medical Oncology from the Faculty of Health Sciences at Marien N'Gouabi University of Congo –Brazzaville, she subsequently obtained an Inter-University Diploma (DIU) in Oncological Support Care at Paris-Descartes University in France ; then a palliative care certification issued by Hospice Africa Uganda. In order to improve her community approach to health, Dr. Esther Dina Bell decides to take an interest in public health and obtains a Master and a certification in field epidemiology.
In 2017, she opened the palliative care unit at the Bonassama District Hospital, which opted for the "home based-visit" model. The success of this initiative pushes Dr Dina Bell to write the ESOP FOSAL project (Extension of Palliative Care in Health Training in the Littoral Region). This will be funded by the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) and will train healthcare professionals from 24 health districts in the Littoral region in palliative care.
Founder of the association VOPACA (Volunteer For Palliative Care), she succeeded in setting up a real multidisciplinary team of volunteers whose objective is to promote palliative care in order to improve the quality of life of patients and their families, Long-term conditions.
Dr. Esther Dina Bell is also the author and co-author of publications in cancerology. At the University level, she teaches palliative care in the nursing education cycle at the Cosendai Adventist University - Douala Campus

Sonia Lumafor, B.Sc.
Sonia Lumafor, B.Sc.
  • Program Officer for Africa - Patcha Foundation
  • Holder of a Bsc in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Former content writer/creator at Kezyp (an online store)
Dr. Amta Pierre, MD
Dr. Amta Pierre, MD
  • Chief of Surgery - Tokombe District Hospital
  • Public Health Consultant and Advocate

General practitioner, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Douala, 3rd class released in 2015. Member of several charitable associations

Dr. Ndiabamoh Crespo'o MD
Dr. Ndiabamoh Crespo'o MD, MSC, DTM&H

  • Infectious Diseases and Global Health Specialist
  • Doctor of General Medicine degree- University of Yaounde, Cameroon
  • MSc Nagasaki University, Japan
  • Post Grad: Clinical Trials Design and Management, John Hopkins University
Chief Ngwano Ajamfa, B.A., M.A.
Chief Ngwano Ajamfa, B.A., M.A.
  • Masters of Arts in African Literature - University of Yaounde
  • Vice Principal - Horizon Bilingual Education Complex (HOBEC) Douala
  • Professor of English Language and Literature - Horizon Bilingual Education Complex (HOBEC) Douala

Chief Ngwano Ajamfe is a Cameroonian who read African Literature in the University of Yaoundé 1 where he obtained a B.A and M.A in same discipline. Have been teaching for 15 years and have been vice principal for past 5 years at the Horizon Bilingual Educational Complex (HOBEC) Douala where he equally teaches English Language and Literature in English.

Dr Nicole Fouda Mbarga, MD
Dr Nicole Fouda Mbarga, MD MScPH
  • Assistant Medical Coordinator- MSF
  • Liaison officer and Epidemiologist for Covid19-MSF
  • Founder and President- Women In Global Health Cameroon
  • Afyabora fellow, YALI Fellow