Welcome to the Michael and Mauritia Patcha Foundation, the brand of care that makes a difference. We work for a better, healthier world.

Our Foundation

Our foundation is based on the belief that the community’s needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. We are committed to being the brand of care that makes a difference. We believe that good health is central to efficient and good living.

Our Beginning

The Patcha Foundation (501c3), was established in 2008 to educate women about breast cancer and to empower them with tools, like breast self-exam and regular screening, to increase cancer survivorship. Since 2012 the foundation has expanded to include advocacy for a reduction in the prevalence of all cancers and other chronic conditions like HIV/AIDS, cardiac disease, diabetes and hypertension.

Who We Are

Visit this page to review our Board of Directors and Officers as well as to learn more about our profiles, programs and activities. 

OUR MISSION:  To eradicate diseases through an effective mobile health delivery system by improving the living conditions of people in disadvantaged communities through the creation, support and distribution of economic and knowledge-based development systems, agro-industrial methods for sustainable living, education, and life-improving infrastructure.

OUR VISION:  To become the pre-eminent health, educational, economic empowerment, and life-improving delivery system in impoverished regions of the world.

Our Structure

We are a not-for-profit organization in Burtonsville, Maryland in the United States, working in limited-resource settings in Africa. Our African base is in Cameroon, West Africa, where we operate in some of the provinces. Our services are funded mostly through grants and public support.

Our Commitment

The foundation is dedicated to healthcare; to advocate for the underserved, to work to bridge the healthcare gap, and to deliver quality care. Our staff is available to answer questions, assist with doctor follow-up, and provide resources on a variety of health concerns.

Our Values

We strive to promote healthy living, early and correct diagnosis, as well as access to and the efficient use of resources. We believe in confidentiality, value, integrity, excellence and dedication. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service we possibly can.

Our Caring Community

Our foundation is staffed by caring and committed individuals, who are focused on helping the people we serve improve their health. Mauritia Patcha, was an 8 year cancer survivor. Her story like so many other survivor stories, is encouraging.