We are working tirelessly to grow our network of information and support services, and we need you.

We work for a better, healthier world

Our foundation offers a comprehensive range of services to meet a person’s physical and emotional needs. Information, training, education, follow-up and support. The foundation is dedicated to healthcare; to securing and providing the latest and most innovative approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

Our staff is available to answer questions, assist with doctor follow-up, and provide internet links and print materials with information on a variety of health concerns.

We strive to promote healthy living, early and correct diagnosis, as well as access to efficient use of resources. We believe in confidentiality, value, integrity, excellence and dedication. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service we possibly can.

Cameroon in particular

Africa in general

Health Specialists

With medical practitioners and labs working together with our foundation, we offer the unique resources to prevent, screen and treat cancers in limited resource settings.

Social Services

The foundation’s dedicated team assists with assimilation into regular life. The team addresses financial issues, relationship issues, family issues, community issues, and coping mechanisms.


The foundation works hard to offer preventive and treatment information that gives those we serve access to ongoing research.

Financial Support

The foundation offers financial assistance on a need base for screenings in an effort to promote early detection, and for treatment for under-served cancer patients.

Nutritional & Exercise Counseling

The foundation offers guidance and education to understanding the importance of good nutrition and keeping fit.


The foundation provides capacity building by training local healthcare providers in screening and treatment of some cancers and diseases.

eMed Network

We offer a platform for improved diagnosis & treatment outcomes by connecting medical practitioners and patients worldwide through telemedicine/telehealth.

Prosthetics & Esthetics

We offer free wigs, prosthetics or esthetics to support patients through their cancer journey.