Data from the event that fueled our fight

In October 2008, we had a chance to take a survey during an important workshop in Buea, Cameroon. Needless to say, the results were both revealing and compelling.

Viewing these results proved to be a major motivator in our efforts to tackle these critical issues of major diseases, that still don’t receive the attention or urgency they so require.

We are dedicated to continue to work to make yearly progress to bring about change. We need your partnership. Consider joining our fight.

from the October 2008 Workshop in Buea, Cameroon

Out of 250 Surveyed:
[list class=”bullet-1″]
[li] 200 know of someone affected by breast cancer with 75 saying they knew someone who had died of the disease. [/li]
[li] Only 25 participants had ever heard of a breast self exam but even fewer had performed it on themselves: 10 [/li]
[li] None had ever had a physician perform the exam or discuss with them about breast cancer prevention. [/li]
[li] 25 said they had heard of a mammogram but only 4 women had ever had a mammogram [/li]
[li] 1 participant was currently being treated for breast cancer. [/li]
[li] 4 had felt lumps which they did not know what to do about; further screening, including a mamography was recommended. [/li]
[li] 1 participant with a palapble lump the size of a quarter said her doctor had prescribed a rub and told her not to worry; that it should go away after some time. [/li]

According to Medline Plus, adults should visit their healthcare providers regularly to screen for diseases, assess risk of future medical problems, encourage a healthy lifestyle, update vaccinations and simply to maintain a relationship with a doctor in case of an illness.