Tug-O-War Against Cancer

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We all understand the challenges and barriers to getting risk assessments for potentially preventable cancers. We are pulling for everyone!

We are pulling for everyone to understand the importance of advanced cancer screenings. Join us on the African-American Smithsonian lawn as we highlight our goal of securing 100 participants to register for some type of cancer screening. We are all pulling for everyone. Let’s start with a cheerful battle of tug-o-war.

Get your team together! Each participant must register. Guest will engage in a fun but competitive game of tug-o-war. The losing team must register with one of our cancer advocate vendors to receive the cancer screening of their choice.

In the spirit of pulling for one another, we understand the impact of loss due to late discoveries of cancer. Now is our fun chance to highlight cancer awareness, cancer screenings and lowering the cancer mortality rates for Black and marginalized communities.

*please note there will be no cancer screenings at this event, only registration for cancer screenings.