CASEC Virtual Information Exchange – Sept 26. 2020

Colorectal Cancer: An Informative Panel Discussion

September 26, 2020  | 11AM EST | Afrique Today Live

The Patcha Foundation is collaborating with the Assembly of Petworth and Immigrant Community Services to host a panel discussion on the impact of colorectal cancer on the African American population and the strategies each of us must adopt to reduce our risks.
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is preventable and treatable when diagnosed early, yet its impact on African Americans can be devastating:
• African Americans have the highest incidence and mortality rates of CRC of any other group in the USA
• African Americans are diagnosed with CRC at an earlier age and with more advanced disease than Whites
What are the reasons behind this and what must be done to increase prevention and survival? Let’s talk about it with our distinguished panelists.