July 2015 Newsletter


July 2015 Patcha Foundation Newsletter


In this month’s Newsletter:

  • CASEC Medical Mission 2015 Data
  • Understand Your Cancer Risk
  • CASEC Medical Mission-Remarks by St. Elizabeth Cardiac Center, Shisong
  • Help Caroline and Others in Need
  • Thank You to Volunteers, Donors, Partners, Members
  • My Medical Mission Experience by Dr. Walters Arrey
  • The Boy Who Touched My Heart by Dr. Ellis Morfaw
  • My Experience with the Medical Mission by Dr. Judwin Ndzo
  • My view of the CASEC Medical Mission by Dr. Baudelaire Njankou
  • Featured Advocate: Mr. & Mrs. Simb, Mpuma Mwet Medical Centre, Kribi
  • Medical Mission Information