World Cancer Day 2014

Let’s talk about cancer

Let’s talk about the importance of early detection

There’s a lot you can do personally & for the community

We all have the right to proven, effective cancer care

Debunk the Myths About Cancer

World Cancer Day is a day to raise our collective voices to improve general knowledge about cancer and dismiss misconceptions about the disease. Learn More.

The Patcha Foundation Joins the Global Community to Promote World Cancer Day

A day that is part of the ongoing international campaign to challenge government leaders, providers and individuals to step up the fight against cancer and to make cancer issues a priority. It is also a day to promote healthy eating, physical activity, smoking cessation, drinking cessation, and other healthy lifestyle choices. The Patcha Foundation will promote cancer advocacy in today’s editions of the Mountain News (12noon) and the Pidgin News/’Tory Time’ (4pm) In Cameroon. We are also actively advocating on Facebook and Twitter. Like us on facebook and Follow us on Twitter.
Learn more about the CASEC Medical Mission to Cameroon May 30 – June 10 2014.

Participate in an Event


Show your support for World Cancer Day by turning your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures purple, and Chevrolet will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society, up to $1 million. Learn More.


Communities worldwide are holding festivals, walks, seminars, information campaigns and more to raise awareness and educate people on the fight against Cancer through Awareness, Screening, Early detection and Care (CASEC). What is CASEC?