2013 Asian Health Fair Report & Pictures

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Patcha Foundation Activity Report

Activity Title: Fall Health Fair organized by the National Co u n c i l of Asian Indian Associations, Inc (NCAIA)

Participation: The Patcha Foundation was represented by Lydia Esapa and Stella Patcha Adamu

Introduction: The NCAIA Fall Health Fair was held on Sunday October 27th 2013 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. It took place indoors on the first floor of the Civic Building at 1 Veteran’s Plaza in Downtown Silver Spring.

Sponsorship: The fair was organized in partnership with AAHI (Asian American Health Initiative) of Montgomery County (Department of Health and Human Services) and with the collaboration of Health Care Professionals, Community Organizations and hospital.

Goal: To provide free health screenings, free flu shots, registration for the new ObamaCare plan and to foster awareness on health-related issues and inform the community about various services available through the government and private sectors.

Objectives: Among many others the fair sought to:
1. Educate/counsel population on health and cancer prevention and screening
2. Screen population for high blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, complete blood counts, glaucoma, bone density, carbon monoxide blood level, BMI
3. Provide free flu shots
4. Counsel participants on cancer prevention, good nutrition, dental hygiene, access to insurance programs available through the state and county
5. Provide information and register participants to the new Affordable Health Care Act

Description/Activities: A community Health that fair that was open to all members of the Silver Spring community without restriction. Participating organizations worked per their specialties. Some organizations offered health services which included screenings for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, counseling on cancer prevention and screening and the importance of good nutrition. Other partners provided bone density screening and counseling on osteoporosis treatment and prevention; as well as carbon monoxide blood level screening and counseling. Still more partners performed glaucoma and vision screening and counseling, BMI calculations and advise on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, and counseling on importance of good dental hygiene. One of the big draws of the fair was the free flu shots made available.

Also on site were health exchanges answering questions and registering participants for the ObamaCare program. Other partner organization or vendors provided information about insurance and health services available to low income and uninsured residents. All services were provided at no cost to the community. There was also Hepatitis B and Lyme Disease education and counseling on domestic violence. Participants also had the opportunity to sign up for free colorectal cancer screening, free Hepatitis B screening and vaccination and the chance to become a bone marrow donor. A handful of doctors were located in the ‘Education Corner’ to address participants health related questions.

Expected Outputs:
· Organization of the health fair with about 30 partner organizations
· Mobilization of about 500 people to the fair, mostly adults. They were a mix of all the races even though Asians were more heavily represented.
· Free health services delivery to vulnerable people.

Partnership: About 30 organizations, including The Patcha Foundation, participated in the event. They included many local hospitals, community clinics, health insurance providers, several Montgomery County, MD health agencies, 4 Health Exchanges providing info and registration on ObamaCare, health and civil advocates. Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett was present and spent time at each booth expressing gratitude for the service provided to the residents of the county.

Conclusion: The Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to work in partnership with other health, social, government and private sectors to provide a valuable service to the community and further the CASEC principles.

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