Activity Report: Participation in the “To Your Health” Event

Patcha Foundation Participation in the “To Your Health” Free Cancer Screening

Holy Cross Hospital Silver Spring, MD

April 20th 2013

Introduction: The To Your Health Free Screening event was held on Saturday April 20th 2013 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. It took place indoors on the main lobby of Holy Cross Hospital at 1500 Forest Glen Rd Downtown Silver Spring. There were four volunteers on the Patcha Foundation team.

Sponsorship: The fair was organized by Holy Cross Hospital and featured many vendors including The Patcha Foundation, Mansfield Kaseman Health Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, AWCAA, The Montgomery County Women’s Cancer Control Program, Maryland Physician Care, Holy Cross Hospital Pediatric Department.

Goal: To foster awareness on health-related issues and to inform the community about various services available through the government and private sectors; to conduct free screening for chronic diseases to the un-insured and under-insured.

Objectives: Among many others the fair sought to:

  1. Educate/counsel population on health and cancer prevention and screening
  2. Screen population for high blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, oral cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, obesity, lung function.
  3. Counsel participants on cancer prevention, healthy lifestyle and good nutrition

Description/Activities: A community Health fair that was open to all members of the District, MD and VA (DMV) community without restriction. Participating organizations worked per their specialties. Some organizations offered health services which included screenings for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, counseling on cancer prevention and screening and the importance of good nutrition. Other partners provided breathing tests to screen lung function, calculated the BMI of participants, performed screening for oral cancer. Other partner organization or vendors provided information about insurance and health services available to low income and uninsured residents. Holy Cross Hospital offered free clinical breast exams and free PAP tests. In adjoining rooms participants could join teams doing the Zumba, learning breathing techniques, or dancing. All services were provided at no cost to the community.

The Patcha Foundation motivated attendees to seek services and introduced many others to Cancer Awareness, Screening, Early detection and Care (CASEC). The organization disseminated health education materials or several pamphlets and brochures on the CASEC components in both English and Spanish.  The Patcha Foundation has been invited to participate in a health fair for the Indian Community in October.

Expected Outputs:

  • Organization of the health fair with at least 25 partner organizations
  •  Mobilization of about 200 people of all races to the fair.
  •  Free health services delivery to vulnerable people

Partnership: A total of twenty organizations, including The Patcha Foundation participated in the event. They included one hospital, community clinics, health insurance providers, Montgomery County, MD health and insurance agencies, and social and health advocates.


  • 86 women received a PAP test and clinical breast exam
  • CASEC message shared with over 120 people
  • Over 300 pamphlets, brochures and other educational materials disseminated
  • 43 participants signed participant record

Conclusion: The Foundation is grateful to be among the many vendors that volunteered their time and services to further the CASEC principles.

Pictures from the Event

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