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The MMPF E-Med Program

What is e-medicine/telemedicine?

The world health organization’s definition encapsulates our vision

“The delivery of health care services, where distance is a critical factor, by all health care professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries, research and evaluation, and for the continuing education of health care providers, all in the interests of advancing the health of individuals and their communities”

Types of Telemedicine

Asynchronous (Store-and-send)
Telemedicine that involves the exchange of prerecorded data between two or more individuals at different times e.g Lab results sent from Lab to doctor electronically.

Synchronous (Real-time/Interactive)
Involved individuals are simultaneously present for immediate exchange of information, as in the case of videoconferencing

The Program Purpose

  • To provide specialized clinical support to both our volunteer providers and patients
  • To overcome geographical barriers by connecting users who are not in the same physical location (intra-country and inter-country)
  • It involves the use of Information and Communication Technologies (synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Ultimate goal is to improve health outcomes and provide for follow up for our patients.

The Program Benefits

  • Telemedicine has been advocated in situations in which:
    • The health professional on duty has little or no access to expert help
    • It is able to offer remote physician access to otherwise unavailable specialist opinions providing reassurance to both doctors and patients
  • Telemedicine offers opportunities for continuing medical education to practitioners in remote locations
  • Telemedicine also provides opportunities for learning and professional development by facilitating the dissemination of general information and remote training of health-care professionals

The MMPF e-Med Network

Technical Infrastructure and Components

Asynchronous (Store-and-send) Component(s)

MMPF e-Med Google groups & MMPF secure e-Med WhatsApp Group
  • Restricted and moderated email group of providers across the globe
  • Members are vetted by Program lead
  • Used to exchange detailed information about patients whose cases are being discussed
  • Also act as a medium for information exchange and mentoring
  • WhatsApp is also used for a more instantaneous exchange of patient information

Synchronous (Real-time/Interactive) Component(s)

MMPF secure Vsee Network & MMPF secure e-Med WhatsApp Group
  • The best real-time Telemedicine videoconferencing solution we tested. Used by top organizations-NASA
  • Uses 50% less bandwidth that most of the easily available video conferencing solutions- skype, imo, viber etc.
  • Highly optimized and auto adapting algorithm, protocol and codec for low bandwidth situations (2g and 3g) found in most developing countries.
  • Application screen sharing, 3 to 4 way-Video Conferencing, end point to endpoint encryption, real time chat, HIPPAA compliant
  • Instant exchange of files e.g. x-ray images
All participants are enrolled in all 3 networks and can share information with one or all members

Medical Professional Form

Are you a medical professional interested in joining the eMED network? If yes, fill out the form below and an eMED Network recruiter will contact you.

Your Name
Why are you interested in the program

Privacy Statement

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance. All patient information is strictly protected. All network users are expected to comply with our strict confidentiality policy and adhere to highest standards of professional ethics

E-Med Members Directory

The Patcha Foundation has developed a directory area strictly for E-Med members to share profiles so that all participants in the program can easily find others.

This Directory Area is a “Password Protected” page and requires both login and the page password access to view.Please See the instructions to your right on how to gain access.

We also have an E-Med Forums area for members to interact on all things E-Med

Steps to Access Members Area

  1. Fill out the Medical Professional Form Above
  2. Include your desire for access to the Forums section as well in the last box*
  3. We will verify your credentials and approve you if accomplished
  4. A user account will be set up and forwarded to you along with a default password
  5. We will also email you an introduction as well the password for the "E-Med Members Directory" area
  6. Once you have logged in, we encourage you to create your unique password and fill out your profile completely by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT page at the top bar of any page
  7. Once you are in that page, you can go to "profiles" to fill out your information and Also add a profile picture as well.
* By default, all signups are assigned a user account