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Sierra Leone Diaspora Medical Mission 2016

Appeal Letter

Sierra Leone has endured one of its darkest times with the Ebola crisis since the ten year long civil war that ravaged the country, decimated its infrastructure and displaced, killed and maimed thousands, especially women and children. The Ebola crisis resulted in the death of almost 4,000 people, including many health care workers, as well as closure of many health facilities throughout the country.

On November 7, 2015, the World Health Organization declared Sierra Leone Ebola free. However, the health needs remain dire, exacerbated by the almost complete absence of routine health care services for over a year, since the outbreak of Ebola. The Sierra Leone Diaspora in the US, in partnership with ASCOVIME, and the Patcha Foundation is planning to periodically conduct medical missions to provide Life-saving and health-improving medical and surgical interventions to Sierra Leoneans in rural areas and to Improve sustainability of intervention and health of the population by providing focused trainini.

This medical missions will target rural communities which suffered significant loss of access to healthcare. Our goal is to simply establish a sustainable skills-exchange process that extends access to healthcare and create a platform for brain gain through a partnership between Sierra Leone, Cameroon and the Sierra Leone diaspora members in the US.

ASCOVIME and Patcha Foundation are US based organizations experienced in conducting multiple, successful medical missions in Cameroon. Volunteer medical professionals will donate their time, expertise and travel cost to deliver free medical care, dental care, eye care, pediatric care, health promotion, health screening, medications to the community, and training to local medical students. This work will be done in partnership with local charities and the Njala University College for Health Professionals.

These crucial missions cannot be done without your support. Your donation will impact the lives of many and will be used to directly secure medicines, medical equipment, and supplies required to make the mission possible. We hope you find merit in supporting the missions.

Project Activities

The proposed project aims to contribute to the mitigation of the spread of diseases and reduction in morbidity and mortality rates through the promotion of primary health care, preventative and diagnostic screening, and emergency health care. The project also plans to provide outreach and education on proper hygiene and nutrition practices.

Additionally, the projects aims to bring a unique opportunity of engaging regional partnerships and alliances.

During the mission, the following activities are planned:

  • Primary healthcare services, including preventive and diagnostic screenings and treatment
  • Vital health screening and care
  • Pediatric consultations
  • Provision of medicines and medical supplies (as per host country’s Ministry of Health approved list of essential medicines) to the population based on diagnosed needs
  • Surgery
  • Training to local health personnel, paramedical and medicals students on primary health care, medical supply chain management, surgical and emergency health care
  • Outreach and education on:
  • Prostate, cervical, and breast cancer screening and early detection
  • Hygiene promotion
  • Proper nutrition and diabetes

Objectives & Expected Outcomes


Objective 1: Provide services and outreach on health, hygiene, and nutrition
Objective 2: Train health workers and medical students in primary and urgent health care
Objective 3: Build partnership between the Sierra Leonean and Cameroonian Diaspora

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased capacity of health workers and medical students in primary and urgent health care including that of surgical interventions
  • Improved general wellbeing particularly of mothers and children
  • Increased awareness of the community on health issues particularly chronic diseases
  • Access to clinical and surgical services in targeted rural parts of the country
  • Increased partnerships and exchange of knowledge and skills between local health professionals, local and international institutions, and diaspora groups
  • Increased sustainable regional partnerships and skills exchange

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