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“The Power of One Award” recognizes the Power of One individual or group to impact tangible change in the health of whole communities through determination and the will to serve. Presented during the foundation’s annual CASEC Awards Dinner.

“The Youth Advocacy Award” recognizes a young individual who stands out as a voice for a new generation and who is using their platform to empower youth to address health care and other socio-cultural issues. Presented during the foundation’s annual CASEC Awards Dinner.

“The CASEC Catalyst Award” recognizes an individual or group for inspiring positive health change through CASEC initiatives in African communities in the diaspora and on the continent. Presented during the foundation’s annual CASEC Awards Dinner.

“The Spirit of Community Award” recognizes an individual or group that is making a positive impact in bridging the health care gap for Africans and people of African descent. Presented during the foundation’s CASEC Information Exchange Cancer Conference.

Award Winners

Visionary, Breast Cancer Survivor. Her work has been fundamental to civic & youth activism, and raising awareness of breast health.

A convening community Partnership-based organization that addresses health disparities, health equity and health policy in poor and low-income communities in Washington DC

Nun of Sisters of St. Therese, doctoral student, author, who has by all measures laid down her life for the service of the poor.

Founded by William Asiedu out of a burning passion to drastically impact communities and create significant life changes.

Ph.D (Law), Husband, Father, God's servant, an extraordinary man with great empathy for the disenfranchised.

Experienced in program coordination and case management, she has served customers with complex needs through on-going, supportive case management services.

A pharmacist that derives great satisfaction in serving her patients and having a pivotal role in keeping them healthy.

A public health professional who works for the United States Army, and who is also the catalyst for the Patcha Foundation’s eMed telemedicine program.

A philanthropist and member of many charities, she is dedicated to helping with the causes of orphans and medical / dental missions in Cameroon.

She shares her life passion of being of service to others, a path that led her to nursing and getting involved with The Patcha Foundation.

BSD is a boarding school for deaf children in Buea, Cameroon, founded in 2003 by Aloysius & Margaret Bibum.

A non-profit organization whose mission is to leverage the power of generosity to serve and improve the lives of people.

HBI-DC is a nonprofit organization that works to eliminate viral hepatitis - one prevention, screening, and treatment at a time.

Founder and former Executive Director of APF USA Foundation that supports the creation and sustainable wealth development in Haiti.

Teanna has a degree in Sociology, and has been a volunteering member of the Patcha Foundation since 2014.

Noel leads the African Students Association at UMBC and is a Patcha Foundation volunteer and fundraiser.

Dr. Olaku is an Ob/Gyn participating in Clinical Research at the National Cancer Institute, and a founding member of the Patcha Foundation eMED program.

Pastor Payne is founding pastor of The Lighthouse Baptist Church where he and members of the Church are committed to serving the community, one soul at a time.

Dr. Gilbert Irwin is an internist in Manassas, Virginia, and the founder of Medical Missionaries.

Leya is truly a gift from God, a high school senior who is committed to serving others and who was strong, supportive and calm as her mother bravely fought two types of cancer.

Rich Akwo is Founder and Executive Director of Generosity:Global and the ALL IS WELL–INSPIRE clothing company.

Dr. Tagalak is a physician in Yaounde, Cameroon, and a Patcha Foundation medical mission volunteer.

Dr. Joxel Garcia is Executive director of MD Anderson Cancer Center Moon Shots Program's cancer prevention and control platform.

Krishnan Suthanthiran is the Founder and President of TeamBest Companies, Best Cure Foundation and Kitsault Energy.

Sylvie Bello is the Founder/CEO of the Cameroon American Council, CAC.

Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu is the Global Youth Ambassador for a World at School & advocate for gender equality.

Winston Price, M.D., FAAP, FACPE, is a board certified pediatrician and Chair of Pediatrics at Memorial Hospital and Manor in Bainbridge, Georgia. He also guides the National Medical Association (NMA)’s use of information technology to improve consumer health education, maximize patient healthy outcomes and eliminate health disparities. Dr. Price’s international exposure includes expert medical consultant for CharityMobi

Mr. Nathan Simb is a humble and unassuming gentleman who is reluctant to discuss his vast charitable contributions. He firmly believes that the “right hand must not know what the left hand does.” There is nothing he will not at least attempt to ease the suffering of the underserved and improve their chance of a healthy and productive future. He was instrumental in bringing the Patcha Foundation 2015 Medical Mission to Kribi.

Noelle is modest about her achievements. Yet when her mother, Maimah Karmo, founder of the Tigerlily Foundation, which educates young women about breast cancer, contracted the disease at 32, three year old Noelle proved to be her strongest health champion. Pajama Glam was an idea Noelle conceived six years ago. She secured her first sponsorship of $10,000 at age eight and launched Pajama Glam in Washington, DC.

Marienette is the inspiration behind the Youth Advocacy Award which is presented for the first time this year. She was a 22 year old Berea College Chemistry graduate who succumbed eight months after diagnosis with a rare type of ovarian cancer, Sertol-Leydig. Before her untimely death in May 2015, Marienette had become a powerful voice of her generation, joining the Patcha Foundation in educating youth about cancer.

The Patcha Foundation recipient of the 2016 Spirit of Community Award, Ms. Andrea Roane. She is an anchor at WUSA9 and the station’s health reporter. She is highly respected for her passionate reporting on breast health issues and promoting the importance of lifestyle changes and Early Detection in the fight against breast cancer. Andrea's commitment to women's health and community service has been recognized with countless national and local awards.

The Patcha Foundation recipient of the 2015 Spirit of Community Award, Mr. Ray Bridgewater. He is President and CEO of Assembly of Petworth, Washington D.C. and has guided and directed several major community development organizations in business development, institutional capacity building and public policy intervention strategies designed to eliminate the disadvantages of multi-generational poverty and disinvestment of inner city communities. He is involved in many diverse programs providing health, education and social services for underserved, at-risk populations of the District of Columbia. His contribution to increase the flu vaccination uptake in Washington DC is noteworthy.

The Patcha Foundation recipient of the 2014 Power of One Award, Dr. Georges Bwelle. He is a Cameroonian visceral surgeon working at Yaoundé's Central Hospital, and the founder of ASCOVIME. ASCOVIME (Association des compétences pour une vie meilleure) is a non-profit organization in Cameroon with a mission to fight illiteracy and diseases in the rural parts of Cameroon by providing free medical care and school supplies. So far, he has provided free healthcare services and procedures to over 32,000 sick patients, and this year alone is providing 15,000 school children with books and supplies. Dr. Bwelle does weekly humanitarian missions to the under-served of Cameroon. He is a CNN' Top 10 Hero of 2013. More information about the 2014 winner.

Ascovime Website

The Patcha Foundation recipient of the 2013 Power of One Award, Dr. Emeka Onyewu. He is a renowned, award winning surgeon in Silver Spring MD, and volunteer extraordinaire. Dr. Onyewu was a volunteer during the Medical Mission of Hope in 2013, and performed free surgeries in Limbe, Cameroon. In two days, 9 women diagnosed with breast cancer received life saving mastectomies and lumpectomies. Dr. Onyewu has donated his services in at least 20 medical missions to Africa, a highly commendable record. We thank him for his service to our people.

Dr. Onyewu Website

His Majesty Sikam Happy V, Chief of Bana His Majesty Yonkeu Jean Marie, Chief of Bangoulap Adija Acha-Ndeh African Women's Cancer Awareness Association BOTA Consulting Engineers, Inc Brother’s Brother Foundation CAMNA-USA Dr. Baudelaire Njankou Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Nkwanyuo Dr. Asek Makia Dr. Bryant & Mrs. Henn Orjiako Dr. David Awasum Dr. Eleonora Gokoyeva Dr. Eugenia Kolkas

Dr. George & Mrs. Elizabeth Okang Dr. Kalambayi Kabasela Dr. Marianne Siewe Dr. Marie Bibum Dr. Melville Wyse Dr. Njwen Anyangwe-Ngute Dr. Ousmane Toure Dr. Solange Nono Esther Chibayere Ivo and Mildred Njosa Joan Foretia John & Mercy Foretia Kelly Weddings & Decor Ladies of Cameroon

Manfred Tumban Medicap Pharmacy Mr. & Mrs. Ignace Siewe Nina Wujech Oksana Likhova Prevent Blindness International Richard Muma Rosedale Smiles Rosemary Atanga Safe Bridge of Help Sierra Leone Diaspora – Brain Gain Mission Thomas Tanue Transit & Procurement Services Zonetak Pharmacy